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VARACHET FORTE - varroa smoke strips for honey bees amitraz, taufluvalinate

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Each ml of solution contains:

Active substances:

amitraz ............................ 150 mg
taufluvalinate ...................... 60 mg

Excipients: dodecylbenzene calcium sulphonate, C12 - C15 ethoxylated fatty alcohol, xylene

The veterinary medicinal product VARACHET FORTE is used in the treatment of varicose veins (external parasitism of bees caused by honey bees.


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In the therapeutic doses mentioned, the product is not toxic to bees.

If you notice any serious reactions or other effects not mentioned in this leaflet, please inform your veterinarian.

Honey bees


The administration of the veterinary medicinal product Varachet Forte is done only by urdinis, to all hives.

The route of administration is external, by fumigation. For administration, the strip of fumigated paper will be bent lengthwise so that the air can be used to maintain the complete burning of the strip.

Using a pipette, take liquid from the bottle and drip, with the distance between the drops, on the smoke strip. The straps must be lit at both ends. At the level of burning of the cardboard strip, a temperature of 300-400 ° C develops, so the product is administered with special care, placing the lit smoke strips on nets or pieces of tin so as not to set fire to the hive or the pavilion.
Immediately after inserting the lit band (without flame) the hive will close for 15-20 minutes.

The dosage of the number of drops is related to the volume of the hive as follows:

2 drops for a multi-storey hive body;
3 drops for a 10-frame Dadant hive body;

5 drops for a horizontal hive body of 20 frames.

If in the last two administrations the bee families have already been restricted for wintering with a totally separating diaphragm (sealed), then the dosage of the number of drops refers to the new space occupied by the bee family, example: 1 drop for half a multi-storey body; 2 drops for two thirds of Dadant's body of 10 frames; 3 drops for b half horizontal body of 20 frames; when there are two families in a horizontal hive, each will be given 3 drops.
The administration of Varachet Forte is done throughout the active season (outside the production harvest periods), with the mention that the treatments with the highest effectiveness are those of autumn, when there is no capacity.

The first administration is made in the spring when the bees have started their normal activity. The next three administrations are performed in August, at an interval of 7-10 days, after the honey is harvested for sale.

In autumn, two more administrations are made at intervals of 7-10 days, the last one being carried out in the total absence of the young from the hive. If there is still a capable brood, it keeps the Varroa destructive mites, which with the hatching of the brood remain in the hive, most of them managing to parasitize all winter, reproducing with the first generation of broods in spring.

Follow the recommended doses.
For maximum effectiveness, before using the product sd will take measures to seal the hives.