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TOP SPOT ON Stronger 650 MG/ML Permethrin for Horses

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Eectoparasitic solution for horses
active substance: permethrin
solution for application on the skin - spot on
for the prophylaxis and treatment of ectoparasitosis in horses - ticks, mosquitoes, ticks
elegant packaging with applicator directly on the skin of animals - prevents contact with hands
a single dose provides protection against flying insects for up to 14 days and ticks for up to 4 weeks
COMPOSITION: 1 ml solution contains:
Active substance - Permethrin 650 mg
Auxiliary substances - Butylparabenum 1 mg, Butylhydroxyanisolum 0,2 mg, Butylhydroxytoluenum 0,1 mg, Diethylenglycoli monoethylicum aetherum 125 mg, Propylenglycolum lauricum ad 1 ml

Solution for application on the skin.

The mechanism of action of permethrin (part of the group of synthetic pyrethroids) is based on the influence of the ion channels of the nerve tissues of the parasites. Disruption of Na + and K + ion transport in neuron membranes causes depolarization and increased neurotransmitter release and neuromuscular block formation in ectoparasites. It acts as an adulticide against ectoparasites. It is an ectoparasitic agent with a very good efficiency. The vehicle provides an additive effect to the preparation. Permethrin is not toxic to mammals except cats and birds, but is toxic to fish, bees, and reptiles. The drug is administered on the skin, in order to obtain mainly a local effect. The preparation contains a complex combination of excipients, which form a system that allows the absorption of the active substance in the upper layers of the skin (stratum corneum, upper layer of the epidermis) where it forms an additive focus. Subsequently, the preparation is released in time from the outbreak around the place of application. A recommended dose of TOP SPOT ON STRONGER provides protection against flying insects for up to 14 days and against ticks for up to 4 weeks.

Therapeutic and preventive use in horses against ectoparasites (ticks, mosquitoes, ticks).

Do not use in cats, the preparation is toxic to cats! Do not use in foals less than 3 weeks of age.

Temporary skin irritation may be observed at the site of application. If this happens, flush the area with water.

They don't know each other

Before application, the hair should be brushed aside, and the solution is applied directly to the skin, using a pipette. If animals are wet or shampooed, treatment should be repeated.

Horses: the contents of one applicator (25 ml) are sufficient for a horse of approximately 500 kg. The preparation should be applied at several separate points in the region of the mane and neck, in the amount of 2-3 ml / spot.