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Prazimec C / D for Dogs and Cats - 4 pills

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Prazimec D 4 cpr 

broad spectrum wormer (teniae), (nematodes), filariasis of the heart,  infestations with fleas, lice, pasture ticks and mange mites including ear scabies  for dogs 4 Tablets .

One tablet per 10 kg body weight. The treatment may be repeated after a month. In cases of flea infestation the living premises must also be disinfected.


Praziquantel 0.050 g

Abamectin 0.002 g

Excipients up to 0.480 g


Prazimec C 4 cpr
In cats, in endoparasitic infestations: broadworms (tapeworms), trematodes, roundworms (nematodes); ectoparasitic infestations: lice, fleas, pasture ticks, notohedral scabies (feline scabies), cheiletiosis and other types of scabies and especially in cases of complex parasitism (endo and ectoparasites)

Praziquantel 0.00625 g Abamectin 0.00025 g Excipients at 0.06000 g


- in endoparasitosis 1 tablet per 2.5 kg g.c.

- in ectoparasites 2 tablets per 2.5 kg g.c.

The treatment can be repeated after 7-10 days (especially in ectoparasitosis).