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Dogs and Cats Adjustable Collars Mite Protection Fleas Ticks Lices Forceps Mosquitos Control and Reject - Fits All Size

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Use with pets that are at least 8 weeks old

Do not use the container for food storage or other purposes

Do not let children play with the collar

Do not allow the dog to chew or eat the collar

Consult the veterinarian before using with sick, elderly or pregnant dogs.



1. adjustable size: 63.5 cm long.

2. Hypoallergenicity: Take such non-toxic, healthy materials and add non-allergenic ingredients, don't worry about pet allergies.

3. durable protection: normally, this product will last for eight months (even in water).

4. ingredients: Thirty percent (essential oil), seventy percent (TPE)


Material:Soft Rubber



Season:All Seasons,Spring,Summer,Autumn,Fall,Winter

Feature:Quick Release,Cuttable,Adjustable,Easy to Use

Type:Collars,Flea Collar,Pet Protection

Life Stage:Puppy,Adult,Senior

Dog Weight:0 to 22 lbs.,4 to 10 lbs.,11 to 20 lbs.,21 to 55 lbs.,23 to 44 lbs.,45 to 88 lbs.

Target Audience:Dog,Cat,Other Animals