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NEW LED Grow Light For Indoor 220V 75 LEDs 50cm LED Grow Plants 1 - 6pcs with EU Plug - Full Spectrum Light

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Full Spectrum LED Grow Light 220V LED Grow Bar Lighting For Plant Growing 2835 SMD DC5V For Seed Plants Flowers Greenhouses


Specific information:

Model: NEW Upgrade Full Spectrum LED Grow Bar

Input vlotage: AC220V

LED Chip: SMD 2835

Length: 50cm/75LEDs

1m wire with switch



1.220V LED Grow Bar Lighting for Indoor or Outdoor plants growing.

2.High Efficient Heat Release.Back using smooth aluminum lamp body good heat dissipation effect thus ensuring the life of the lamp

3.Clear Shell Hight light transmittance.PC matreial Insulators are safer to use.


Package include:

50cm LED Grow Light Tube(1pcs/2pcs/3pcs/4pcs/5pcs/6pcs)+Switch Wire

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