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Metacam (Meloxicam) Chewable Tablets

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Indications: Relief of inflammation and pain in acute musculoskeletal disorders

Dosage and Administration: Initial treatment is a single dose of 0.2 mg meloxicam / kg body weight on the firstday. Will continue treatment with a maintenance dose orally daily (every 24hours) of 0.1 mg meloxicam / kg body weight.

Each chewable tablet contains 2 mg of meloxicam, which corresponds to a daily maintenance dose for a 20 kg dog bodyweight . 

Precautions: The pre-treatment with anti-inflammatory substances may result in additional or increased adverse reactions and, therefore, before starting treatment should procure a treatment-free period with such drugs for at least 24 hours. In any case, the treatment-free period should consider the pharmacokinetic properties of the products used previously.