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Levoplix - Levamisole 2 x 20 gr cattle, goats, sheep, pigs Dewormer

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Each g contains 100 mg of levamisole HCl.

Antihelmic, effective in nematode infestations. Immunomodulator.

Each sachet contains 20 g needed for:
cattle, goats, sheep, pigs 240 kg g.c and birds: 50 kg g.c.

Cattle, goats, sheep 7.5 mg / kg g.c.
Porcine 8.25 mg / kg g.c.
Birds 36 - 48 / kg g.c.

Administration method:
Cattle, goats, sheep, pigs in feed or drinking water.
Birds in drinking water.

Waiting time:
Cattle, goats, sheep: meat 7 days and milk 48 hours
Pigs 5 days
Poultry: meat 3 days and eggs 72 hours

Administration method:
The amount of feed or water should be consumed in 12 hours.
The treatment is repeated after 1 month.