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Biheldon Tablets Dog Cat Wormer Broad Spectrum

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Each tablet contains - Praziquantel 50,0 mg ., Pyrantel Pamoat 150,0 mg.;

APPLICATION: For veterinary use. It is used internally - directly or with some food as bait. No special diet - it is not necessary to observe the starvation diet before and after treatment.;

INDICATIONS: For treatment and prevention of cestodoses and roundworms in dogs and cats.

A complete deworming of dogs and cats can be easily achieved by applying BIHELDON tablets. Pregnant and lactating female dogs and cats can also be treated.;

ACTION: Combined product with simultaneously action on sexually mature and sexually immature forms of tapeworms and nematodes parasitizing in the alimentary canal of dogs and cats.;

CONTRAINDICATIONS: Contraindications are not available for administration of Biheldon tablets in dogs and cats. There are some recommendations that Praziquantel should not be applied in dogs below 4 weeks and cats below 6 weeks (this recommendation due to impossibility the pups to be infested with taenia, and there is no toxicological consideration). There are not contraindications for use within pregnancy and lactation.;

OVERDOSE: The product has a high index of safety and can hardly be an overdose in dogs and cats. There is no danger of death.;

UNDESIRABLE EFFECTS: Very rarely the use of praziquantel have been reported vomiting, anorexia and diarrhea in dogs and cats, but without serious consequences.;

Produced in European Union by Golashpharma Ltd. - veterinary medicinal products for productive and domestic animals.