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Antimycotic and Antimicrobial Ointment Asocilin 20 g

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- Indicated in the treatment of skin conditions (abscesses, boils, fistulas, wounds), keratitis, blepharitis, conjunctivitis, otitis externa and mastitis caused by cocci and Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacilli.

Do not use in animals with known hypersensitivity to the antibiotics in the product.

Cattle, dogs, cats.

Treatment of skin diseases in cattle, dogs and cats: on the affected area, previously cleaned and disinfected, apply a thin and continuous layer of Asociin 1-3 times / day, depending on the severity of the case, until healing. Treatment of eye infections in cattle, dogs and cats: the ointment is inserted into the conjunctival sac 1-3 times / day, depending on the severity of the case, until healing. Treatment of mastitis in cows: 1 / 4-1 / 2 of the contents of the ointment tube is introduced, with the help of the elongation, through the galactophore channel, in the affected compartments, which have previously been milked and cleaned with a disinfectant solution. Massage the udder and do not milk for 12-18 hours, after which the treatment is repeated, a new ointment is used on the ointment tube. If the improvement is not obvious, the amount administered in the following days doubles until the disappearance of the symptoms. The treatment is continued two more days after the remission of the symptoms.

To successfully treat mastitis in cows, proceed as follows: isolate sick animals from healthy ones and take hygiene measures.
Disinfect the sick animal's udder and the milker's hands before milking. Keep the tube in warm water, 35º-40ºC, before use, for easier introduction of the drug.
The ointment that accompanies the ointment tube is sterilized by boiling.
The affected quarters must be milked after milking the healthy quarters, and the milk will be collected separately and will not be used in human nutrition or animal feed. The polyethylene strap is fitted to the medicine tube. By easy handling, in order to avoid injuring the mucosa, the elongate is inserted through the nipple hole and the tube is pressed until 1/6 of its contents is deposited as far as possible towards the base. Remove the stalk and place in a bowl of disinfectant and destroy. Gently massage the udder after inserting the medicine. In the case of acute mastitis, the treatment is repeated at 12 hours, and in the case of chronic mastitis at 12-24 hours until healing. In severe cases it is recommended to combine with treatment with sulfamides or antibiotics in general.

Meat-28 days, milk-7 days since last administration.

It should not be used in animals that are allergic to the antibiotics in the medicine.