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Amitraz 12.5% Solution ( Taktic / Scabatox )

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Doses and method of application:

use in the form of a water emulsion.

The working emulsion is prepared by carefully mixing 2 ml of solution and 1-2 liters of clean water (the concentration of the solution depends on the strength and health of the family).

Thus prepared solution of the drug is used during the working day.

Bee families are processed in the autumn during the formation of the club and in the absence of a division in them, at an outdoor air temperature not lower than 12 °c.

Treatment shall be carried out by fine-drip irrigation from the syringe prepared with a working solution into interframe space twice with an interval of 7 days.

Dozage - 10 ml of solution per one roll.

Recommended 3 Times application:

1 treatment immediately after the end of the medosbora and pumping honey;

2 Processing before putting families on a wintering (if available on bees of mites Varroa).

Side effects: not observed.

Contraindications: do not treat families with a force of less than 4 - 5 streets.

Special instructions: honey from bee families processed by bipine, use in food without restrictions.