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AminAvast Kidney Support Cat Supplement, 60 count

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Help your kitty with kidney issues feel better with Aminavast Kidney Support Cat Supplement.

This newly developed supplement contains AB070597, a patented ingredient created using amino acids and a peptide. It’s designed to help support kidney function in compromised cats, for improvement in coat, appetite, behavior and overall well-being.

Great for older cats and those battling renal disease, it comes in easy-to-use capsules you can sprinkle directly on food and is fully compatible with a protein-restricted diet.

Key Benefits

• Supplement for cats helps support kidney health and function. Great for older cats and younger ones with kidney disease.

• Uses a new ingredient made from amino acids and a peptide, created using a special proprietary process.

• Can help improve coat, appetite and general well-being in cats with kidney issues for a better quality of life.

• Won’t interfere with a protein-restricted diet.

• Comes in a convenient sprinkle capsule. Just break it open and sprinkle directly on food.