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50ml Adjustable and Continuous Syringe

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Feature of syringe

-1.This automatic injection syringe is suitable for cow,cattle,pig,sheep,chicken etc. animal

-2.Semi-automatic adjustable continuous syringe with 5 gears: 1ML 2ML 3ML 4ML 5ML

Operation of syringe 50ml as an example:

Use a hand-pushing syringe to fill the liquid, adjust the syringe dose to the required dose ( ml adjustable), then continue injection, shoot 50 ml of liquid, and inhale the liquid again.

Disinfection method of syringe Before using the syringe, fill it with water, boil it in water for 10 minutes (do not touch the bottom of the pot), pump out the water in the syringe, control the water, and use it.

Maintenance of syringe

After the syringe is used up, use repeated hot water to inhale and shoot until there is no residual liquid and water in the syringe. Clean the outside of the syringe into the box and store it in a dry place.

Precautions of syringe

-1. If the syringe is left for a long time, there may be no drug absorption. This is because the valve and the joint or the valve are stuck to the cavity. Just separate them. If you still do not take drugs, it may be glue.

There is dirt in the valve and it can be cleaned.

-2. After the syringe is used for a long time, there may be a slow return of the piston. A little vegetable oil can be applied to the inner wall of the cavity or the "O" ring, or a new "O" ring can be replaced.

-3. When cleaning or replacing parts, each seal should be tightened and there should be no leakage.

PS: When using the syringe, if a leak is found, the rounded handle at the end of the syringe can be adjusted. The handle is connected to the center rod. When the screw is turned, the red rubber pad can be squeezed to achieve the seal.

Kindly Note

-1.Buy 1 piece syringe

-2.The needle model is a random gift. If there is a model requirement, please remark the needle model when you place the order or leave a message to Customer service.