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12.5% Amitraz Plus 100/416ml Aerosol Acaricide ( Taktic / Scabatox )

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Amitraz Aerosol Acaricide Varroa Mite

Active Ingredient: Amitraz

Packing: 416ml / 100ml

Function:  varroa mite medicine

Product feature: organic substances + Amitraz

Usage and Dosage

Shake the bottle vigorously, and remove the cap from bottle.

Remove the nozzle head and place it into the cork. Please keep it flat or invert bottle. Insert the nozzle tube manually into the beehive door, and press nozzle gently. That is, press and release count as one time (about one second), and do not spray too much.

Spray again onceevery 3 days, 3~5 times per treatment course.

The treatment plan should be customized to mite population. In general, the temperature should be no less than 15°C, and a bottle should be sufficient for 300-500 hives.

Storage and Transportation:

Operational temperature range: 0-50 degrees Celsius.

Avoid Moisture. Keep out of Reach of Children.

Solid food items are not permitted to be carried with the product. Carbon dioxide powder or foam is used for extinguishing fires

Note: Due to differences in conditions of temperature, population of a bee colony and individual bees.

You should test it on 2-3 bee colonies for 24 hours before using it across the board..

Notice: Please use this product alone, do not mixed with other products.