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Vetoquinol Fercobsang 100ml For Cats & Dogs - Iron and Multivitamins

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Vetoquinol Fercobsang 100ml For Cats&Dogs


Fercobsang is use for the treatment and prevention of deficiencies in iron, cobalt, vitamin B12 and vitamin PP particularly during:

- Convalescence after debilitating infectious or parasitic disease,

- Growth disorders,

- Anaemia.


Fercobsang contains: Iron (as ammonium citrate) 1.75 mg,

Cyanocobalamine (vitamin B12) 0.025 mg,

Nicotinamide (vitamin PP) 20 mg,

Cobalt (as digluconate) 0.0067 mg,

Benzyl Alcohol (E1519) 20.8 mg.

Dosage and administration

It can be administered intramuscular, subcutaneous and oral in horses, cattle, sheep, goats and pigs. It can be administered only oral in dogs and cats. The recommended dose is:

- 20 ml for adult horses and cattle, 10 ml for young horses and cattle.

- 5 ml for adult sheep and goats, from 1 to 2 ml for young sheep and goats.

- 10 ml for adult pigs, 5 ml for fattening pigs.

- 1 to 2 drops per kg b.w. for dogs and cats.