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Tylosin 20% 100ml Injection

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Each 1 ml. contains: Tylosin base 200 mg. ( as Tylosin Tartrate. )

Tylosin is a macrolide antibiotic which has a particular action against Mycoplasma spp isolated from chickens, turkeys, cattle, sheep and goats. It is also effective against several species of Spirochaetes including Leptospira, Erysipelas of turkeys, Haemophilus pertussis, Moraxella bovis, and certain vibrio spp as well as against gram positive bacteria including Staphylococci, Streptococci, Corynebacterium and Clostridium spp.


  • Cattle, Sheep and Goats: For the treatment of pneumonia, foot rot and metritis caused by Mycoplasma, Streptococcus and Staphylococcus spp. Tylosin is also used for treatment of peracute and acute forms of contagious agalactia caused by Mycoplasma agalactiae and caprine pleuropneumonia caused by M. mycoides var. capri.
  • Chickens & Turkeys: For treatment of CRD in chickens and infectious sinusitis in turkeys.
  • Dogs and Cats : Treatment of upper respiratory tract infections, cellulitis, otitis externa, metritis, leptospirosis and secondary bacterial infections associated with viral diseases.

Dosage :

  • Cattle : 1 ml. TYLOVET 20% inj. / 20 – 40 kgs. B.wt ( 5 -10 mg. / 1kg. B.wt ) daily by I/M injection.
  • Sheep & goats : 1 ml. TYLOVET 20% inj. / 20 kgs. B.wt (10 mg. / 1kg. B.wt ) daily by I/M injection.
  • Dogs & cats :1 ml. TYLOVET 20% inj./ 20 – 100 kgs. B.wt ( 2 – 10 mg. / 1kg. B.wt ) daily by I/M injection.
  • Chickens : 1ml. TYLOVET 20% inj. / 10 kgs. B.wt ( 20 mg. / 1kg B.wt ). daily to be injected by S/C injection.
  • Turkeys : For treatment of infectious sinusitis in turkeys, tylosin injected into the sinuses at dose of 25 – 50 mg Tylosin base depending on the severity of the condition. Sinuses may be re-treated in 10 days if swelling persists.

Warning : Treatment with Tylosin should not exceed 5 days.

  • Tylosin should not be used in layers producing eggs for human consumption.
  • Tylosin should not be used for lactating animals nor veal calves.