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Sulfacoccirom 100 pills - In the treatment of coccidiosis, cholera and salmonellosis .

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One 100 mg tablet contains:

Active substances:

Sulfaquinoxaline 2 mg / 100 mg;

Vitamin C 10 mg / 100 mg;

Vitamin K3 4 mg / 100 mg

Excipients (lactose, starch, PVP K30, CMC, aerosil, talc, avicel, magnesium stearate) ad. 100 mg

Pharmacological action
Sulfaquinoxaline is a sulfamide with significant anticoccidial and antibacterial properties (especially for Gram-negative germs). Vitamin K3 is combined in all treatments with Sulfaquinoxaline to prevent its side effects. The addition of vitamin C in the composition of the drug ensures the potentiation of the antihemorrhagic effect and increases the body's resistance to microbial and parasitic agents.

Target species
Hens and turkeys.

In the treatment of coccidiosis in chickens and turkeys.
In the treatment of avian cholera and salmonellosis.

It is not given to birds during the laying period.

Side effects
They were not found

Administration method
The anti-infective and anti-coccidial treatment consists in the individual administration, orally, of 1 tablet / 0.5 kg body weight / day, for two consecutive periods of two consecutive days, separated by a break of three days.
If necessary, the treatment can be repeated according to the same scheme.

The indicated treatment schedules will be observed and the weight of the birds will be assessed correctly.
It is recommended that treatment with SULFACOCCIROM C be supplemented with VITAMIN AD3E or ORAL POLYVITAMIN COMPLEX.
In reproductive youth it is used only until the age of 8-10 weeks.

Waiting time
Meat: 10 days from the last administration;

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