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Shotapen L.A. 100 mL - Virbac

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Treatment of bacterial infections caused by susceptible topenicillin and
dihydrostreptomycin in cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, horses, dogs and catsmicroorganisms.

Composition: Per 100 ml:
Benzathine benzyl­penicillin – 10 g,
Procaine benzylpenicillin – 10 g,
Dihydrostreptomycin sulfate – 16,4 g.

Pharmacological characteristics:

The synergistic bactericidal action of thepenicillin-dihydrostrepto­mycin association covers a very wide spectrum ofmicro­orga­nisms. Penicillin attacks bacterial cell walls and thus enhances thepenetration of di­hydrostreptomycin which interferes w/ the protein synthesis.

Penicillin G is active against many G(+) bacteria. Its distribution is wide.

The benzathine form of penicillin G is active for 18-24 hrs and the procaineform gives an extended action up to 5 days (3 days in practice).Dihydrostreptomycin is mainly active against G(-) bacteria and thus completesthe spectrum of penicillin G.
Indications for use specifying the target species:


Pasteurellosis pneumonia, septi­cemia, metritis, leptospirosis andreticulo-peritonitis.

Septicemia, MMA syn­drome, erysipelas, leptospirosis, prevention andtreatment of respiratory diseases.


Vesicular stomatitis, arthritis and septicemia.

Dosage: For IM injection.

Cattle, pigs and horses: 1 inj of 5-10 mL/100 kg BW every 3 days.
Calves, foals, piglets, small animals: 1 inj of 1-2 mL/25 kg BW every 3 days.

Contraindications: Use with care to animals sensitive to penicillin. Do not administer to rabbits.

1vial / 100ml