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Intermectin Super Ivermectin and Clorsulon ( Ivomec Plus )

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Ivermectin belongs to the group of avermectins and acts against roundworms and parasites. Clorsulon is a sulphonamide which acts primarily against adult and immature liver flukes.

General use : 1 ml per 50 kg body weight.

Contains per ml:
Ivermectin ......10 mg.
Clorsulon ......100 mg.
Excipients ad ......1 ml.

Treatment of gastrointestinal roundworms (adults and fourth-stage larvae), lungworms (adults and fourth-stage larvae), liver fluke (Fasciola hepatica and F. gigantica; adult stages), eye worms, warbles (parasitic stages), sucking lice and mange mites (scabies) in beef cattle and non-lactating dairy cattle.