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Ecocid S - Universal Disinfectant

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Ecocid S - is a very active universal disinfectant with safe and effective protection against all known viruses.

Ecocid S is a highly active universal disinfectant with safe and effective protection against all known viruses. It also has bactericidal and fungicidal activity. Due to the high level of safety and the broad spectrum of biocidal activity, it can be used for various purposes: Veterinary institutions (offices, clinics and laboratories): Ecocid S is used for disinfection of all surfaces where destruction is required. safe and effective against all viruses, gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria and fungi. The same effect is sought for equipment, containers, instruments, etc. For domestic animals: Ecocid S is used to disinfect all surfaces and equipment in food preparation areas, shelters, kennels, rabbit cages, aviaries, cages, hives or other areas where animals are housed. Other surfaces: Ecocid S is used for disinfection of vehicles, slaughterhouses, surfaces and accessories of animal fairs, warehouses and food processing premises, and for the disinfection of equipment and surfaces in households. The working solution of Ecocid S can be applied by spraying, vapor in suspension (mist), in disinfection tanks or in disinfection filters. For the disinfection of already cleaned surfaces and equipment, it is sufficient to prepare a working solution of Ecocid S, with a concentration of 1%. Dissolve the contents of a 50 g pack in 5 l of water. It is recommended to use heated water for rapid dissolution of the preparation. If it is

if a larger amount of solution is needed, dissolve the contents of a 1 kg packet in 100 liters of water.

Instructions for use Dilution Instructions for use
Final disinfection 1: 100 (1%) Apply the working solution to already cleaned surfaces using a low pressure sprayer or other 300 ml / m2 spray mechanism. After 30 to 60 minutes or after the surface is dry, you can reintroduce the animals.
Cleaning and disinfecting equipment In farms, in incubators and in food preparation 1: 200 - 1: 33 (0.5 - 3%) depending on the level of organic load Apply the working solution on already cleaned equipment, using a sprayer with low pressure or other spray mechanism at a dose of 300 ml / m2. After 15-60 minutes, depending on the organic load level, rinse with clean water.
Sanitation of drinking water supply systems Final cleaning and sanitation Permanent sterilization of drinking water 1: 200 (0.5%) 1: 1000 (0.1%) It is recommended to fill the tank and the water distribution system with working solution . After 60 minutes, rinse thoroughly with clean water. In order to carry out the permanent sterilization of the drinking water, in the tank or in the automatic dosing system, add the appropriate amount of Ecocid S powder so as to finally obtain a working solution of 0.1% concentration.

Disinfection filters for vehicles, foot or hoof disinfectors 1: 100 (1%) It is recommended to use a 1% solution of Ecocid S for 4 days or until the organic load is too high.
Air disinfection
Air spray to reduce cross-infection in the event of an outbreak (especially respiratory disease) 1: 200 (0.5%) It is recommended to apply the solution with a pressure device to ensure a fine spray or a portable sprayer, the dose related to the surface, being 1 liter / 10 m2.
1: 100 Cold Water Vaporization (1%) Apply solution vapor to empty rooms, using specialized equipment for this operation, using a quantity of
Spray with hot water vapor

1:25 (4%)
In the first phase, the volatile additive is mixed with water, in a ratio of 15 parts additive to 85 parts water. To this solution is added Ecocid S. Apply hot steam using a thermonebulizer, using a dosage of 1 liter / 40 m2 of floor, leaving the solution to work between 30 and 60