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Butox 7.5% Pour On External deworming of Cattle and Sheep

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Butox 7.5% pour on is presented in the form of a plastic bottle containing a yellow suspension with a pungent odor.

100 ml Butox 7.5% to contain 0.75 g of deltamethrin.

External deworming of cattle and sheep.

Mode of action
Deltamethrin is an external antiparasitic with a neurotoxic action on ectoparasites: fleas, ticks, scabies agents, malophagous insects and flies.

Doses and method of administration

Dose (ml)


Up to 100 kg: 10 ml
100 - 300 kg: 20 ml
over 300 kg: 30 ml

Fleas and lice

10 ml / animal


15 ml / 100 kg weight, with a maximum of 75 ml / animal (500 kg)


10-15 ml / 100 kg weight

Shake the vial before use. Apply on the line of the spine, from the withers to the tail, holding the bottle upright. A single application provides effective protection for:

6 to 10 weeks against flies
8 - 10 weeks against fleas and malophages (in case of severe infestations it is repeated after 4 - 6 weeks)
4 - 5 weeks against ticks in cattle and 8 - 10 weeks in sheep.

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Adverse effects
They don't know each other.

Waiting period
Meat: 1 day
Milk: 0 days

At double doses there are no clinical symptoms.