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Buscopan injectable 100ml

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Composition 1ml contains:
Butyl scopolamine............................................4 mg
metamizole sodium...................................500 mg;
phenol, in stabilized aqueous soil......................5 mg

Therapeutic action:
BUSCOPAN is a long-acting antispasmodic. The effect is based on both components, which specifically relax the contraction (spasm) and concomitantly remove the pain (aminophenazone derivative). BUSCOPAN (Butyl scopolamine) has a specific spasmolytic effect on the smooth muscles of the digestive tract, bile ducts and urogenital organs. In therapeutic doses, it does not induce side effects similar to those of atropine.
Metamizole sodium acts as a central analgesic, antipyretic and spasmolytic. Through the spasmolytic effect, it leads to a decrease in the irritability of the intestinal smooth muscles. The spasmolytic effect is due to the antiphlogistic action achieved by waterproofing the vessels and by improving the blood irrigation of the smooth muscles, desired in therapy. Depending on the method of administration and the evolution of the disease, a long-lasting effect of about 4-6 hours is established. This is explained by the retention of buscopan in the enterohepatic circulation and a constant secretion in the intestinal lumen followed by reabsorption (enterohepatic circuit). For these reasons, most of the time a single injection is sufficient for healing. As a rule, the pain subsides already at the end of the intravenous injection, and when administered im. the effect is installed after 20-30 min. By combining the central analgesic and spasmolytic components, a total effect will be obtained in case of colic or serious painful spastic conditions.


Pains/spasms in the digestive system, bile ducts and genitourinary system
- spastic colic, colic in large intestine constipation, esophageal obstruction
Cattle, cattle:
-diarrhoea, spastic colic, functional tympanism, esophageal obstruction
-diarrhoea, gastroenteritis, spastic colic.
-gastroenteritis, diarrhea, vomiting, spasms in the urogenital system, functional ileus.
The preparation is used successfully in bacterial or parasitic gastroenteritis, in combination with an antibiotic or anthelmintic depending on the etiology.
The effect verified in various diarrheas should be highlighted in particular. By normalizing peristalsis, canceling spasm and pain, hypermotility and hypersecretion, the stool immediately regains its normal consistency, the loss of fluids and electrolytes (dehydration) is prevented and the normal appetite is restored. In cattle, the preparation has a remarkable effect on functional tympanism, which occurs frequently. For other tympanisms, the injection with BUSCOPAN comp. facilitates the insertion of the nasoesophageal probe. After the administration of the product, it will be noticed that the belching starts right from the insertion of the probe. A special indication is the obstruction of the esophagus in cattle and horses.

Administration and dosage:
Slow intravenous (immediate effect) or intramuscular, in horses (if possible) i.v., in dogs it can also be administered subcutaneously:
Drink 20-30 ml;
Cattle 20-25 ml;
Cattle, pigs 5-10 ml;
Piglets 1-2 ml;
Dogs 1-2.5 ml.

Sensitivity to one of the components of the preparation. Do not use in cats.

Side effects:
Dogs occasionally experience painful reactions immediately after injection. They are reduced by subcutaneous administration.